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Tom Petty - Southern Accents


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Artist - Tom Petty

Title - Southern Accents

Format - Single 180-Gram Vinyl Record

Label -  Geffen Records

Lacquer Cut By Chris Bellman

UPC -  602547658494



Originally conceived as a concept album about the modern south, with touches of psychedelia, soul, and country. The theme of Southern Accents became somewhat murky with the inclusion of three songs co-written by Stewart, and several others originally planned for the album left off.  

While mixing the album's opening track, "Rebels", Petty became frustrated and punched a wall, severely breaking his left hand. Subsequent surgery on his hand left him with several pins, wires and screws holding his hand together.

The album would prove to be the last album to have any involvement of bassist Ron Blair until 2002, with Blair featuring on the track "The Best of Everything". A new version of the song with a different arrangement and a previously unreleased verse was released as a single in 2018, before the release of the upcoming eponymous compilation album.

The album cover features an 1865 painting by Winslow Homer titled The Veteran in a New Field.


A1 Rebels 5:20
A2 It Ain't Nothin' To Me 5:10
A3 Don't Come Around Here No More 5:06
A4 Southern Accents 4:42
B5 Make It Better 4:17
B6 Spike 3:32
B7 Dogs On The Run 3:39
B8 Mary's New Car 3:45
B9 The Best Of Everything 3:59