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The Toasters - Dub 56


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Artist - The Toasters

Title - Dub 56

Format - Single Vinyl LP

Label - Jump Up Records

2018 Reissue

Vinyl reissue of third-wave ska classic from 1994, originally released on Moon Ska NYC. At the time of release, the ska scene was on the verge of breaking into the mainstream. Excitement electrified the air. No album captured the sheer exuberance of this time like Dub 56.

From the opening note to the closing refrain 14 tracks later, the listener is drawn into a party that just doesn't want to end - the band plays like they're standing in front of an ecstatic hometown crowd.

Highlights include "Mona" with its irrepressible melody and swing, Skatalites Lester Sterling on "Dancin'" and "Marlboro Man," "Midnight Hour" shows just how much fun you have can have with a soul classic, and of course title track with the toasting skills of Coolie Ranx. Essential Third Wave Ska album.



A1 Direction 2:42
A2 Freedom
A3 Mona
A4 Dancin'
A5 Dub 56 2:44
A6 Sweet Cherie
A7 Tunisia 2:35
B1 Little Hidden Secrets 2:47
B2 Marlboro Man 2:50
B3 Ain't Nuthin 3:12
B4 Razor Cut 3:12
B5 Legal Shot 3:16
B6 Midnight Hour 2:31
B7 Goody Goody 2:17