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The Backseat Lovers - Waiting To Spill


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Artist - The Backseat Lovers

Title - Waiting To Spill

Format - Single Vinyl LP

Label - Capitol Records


Salt Lake City-based indie band The Backseat Lovers make their major label debut with "Waiting to Spill" - their first new album in over two years. They completed their first EP, Elevator Days, just before graduating high school. 

“Close Your Eyes” and “Growing/Dying” both capture the vibe of Waiting To Spill with excellent lyricism and musicality. 


A1 Silhouette 6:13
A2 Close You Eyes 5:05
A3 Morning in the Aves 4:02
A4 Growing/Dying 3:32
A5 Words I Used 5:23
B1 Snowbank Blues 3:17
B2 Follow the Sound 4:11
B3 Slowing Down 5:20
B4 Know Your Name 4:52
B5 Viciously Lonely 5:33