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Sugar - Copper Blue/Beaster


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Artist - Sugar

Title - Copper Blue/Beaster

Format - Double Vinyl LP

Label - Merge Records

Deluxe double vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered edition of Alt-Rock trio's 1992 debut album Copper Blue and the Beaster EP from '93. Includes download code for both albums plus B-sides and a complete 1992 live show.

Through both his solo work and as a frontman for the legendary Hüsker Dü, Bob Mould pioneered a signature wall of guitar sound and unmistakable vocal style that has imprinted a defining influence on more than one generation. In the three decades encompassing his career thus far, however, Bob Mould saw his greatest success during his stint as lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for iconic early ‘90s trio Sugar. 

Rolling Stone christened it “thunderous”; Vogue dubbed it “smashing”. NME would ultimately name it their 1992 Album of the Year. Currently, Mould has been commemorating Copper Blue’s 20th anniversary by playing the record in its entirety with his current band of Jason Narducy (bass) and Jon Wurster (drums). 

 Recorded and mixed during the same intense sessions that produced Copper Blue, the Beaster EP was originally released in April 1993. Notably darker in tone than the widescreen power-pop of Copper BlueBeaster nevertheless boasts some of Mould’s most powerful songwriting.

Copper Blue
A1 The Act We Act
A2 A Good Idea
A3 Changes
A4 Helpless
A5 Hoover Dam
B1 The Slim
B2 If I Can't Change Your Mind
B3 Fortune Teller
B4 Slick
B5 Man On The Moon
C1 Come Around
C2 Tilted
C3 Judas Cradle
D1 JC Auto
D2 Feeling Better
D3 Walking Away
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