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Old 97's - Fight Songs - Deluxe Edition


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Artist - Old 97's

Title - Fight Songs 

Format - 3 x Vinly LP, Deluxe Edition

Label - Elektra/Run Out Groove

2021 Reissue - Mastered From Original Analog Tapes


Pioneers of the 1990s alt-country movement, the Old 97’s have been together with their original line up for over 25 years and have released 12 studio albums. Run Out Groove is releasing their classic second album for Elektra Records on vinyl for the very first time!The 180g deluxe 3-LP set features the original 1999 album, a 2021 remix by GRAMMY-winning producer Vance Powell, and a bonus disc of unreleased 1998 demos all mastered from the original analog tapes.

Texas troubadours Old 97's moved farther away from their traditional country and western sound on their 1999 release, Fight Songs, instead incorporating warmly distorted guitars and crunchy rhythms into their brash pop songs. Thankfully for fans of the band, the terrific songwriting is still there, but the sound is a little more polished than the twang-a-billy bombast of their previous album, Too Far To Care.  

The heavy grit of the lead track, "Jagged," is augmented by Rhett MIller and Murray Hammond's bright vocals, whereas the rhumba stylings of "What We Talk About" slinks along like two strangers locked in a tango. Songs seem more thoroughly constructed this time around, relying less on pure bravado and more on structure. 



Original Album
A1 Jagged (original 1999 master) 3:27
A2 Lonely Holiday (original 1999 master) 4:08
A3 Oppenheimer (original 1999 master) 3:27
A4 Indefinitely (original 1999 master) 3:41
A5 What We Talk About (original 1999 master) 4:10
A6 Crash On The Barrelhead (original 1999 master) 2:39
B1 Murder (Or A Heart Attack) (original 1999 master) 3:41
B2 Alone So Far (original 1999 master) 4:17
B3 Busted Afternoon (original 1999 master) 3:11
B4 Nineteen (original 1999 master) 3:41
B5 Let The Idiot Speak (original 1999 master) 3:43
B6 Valentine (original 1999 master) 3:08

2021 Remix
C1 Jagged (2021 remix) 3:30
C2 Lonely Holiday (2021 remix) 4:07
C3 Oppenheimer (2021 remix) 3:25
C4 Indefinitely (2021 remix) 3:42
C5 What We Talk About (2021 remix) 4:08
C6 Crash On The Barrelhead (2021 remix) 2:34
D1 Murder (Or A Heart Attack) (2021 remix) 3:40
D2 Alone So Far (2021 remix) 4:16
D3 Busted Afternoon (2021 remix) 3:12
D4 Nineteen (2021 remix) 3:56
D5 Let The Idiot Speak (2021 remix) 3:37
D6 Valentine (2021 remix) 3:06
Unreleased Demos
E1 Lonely Holiday (Unreleased demo) 4:34
E2 Oppenheimer (Unreleased demo) 3:30
E3 What We Talk About (Unreleased demo) 4:01
E4 Jagged (Unreleased demo) 3:37
E5 Weightless (Unreleased demo) 3:59
F1 Indefinitely (Unreleased demo) 4:10
F2 Singular Girl (Unreleased demo) 4:48
F3 Busted Afternoon (Unreleased demo) 3:36
F4 Nineteen (Unreleased demo) 3:36
F5 Alone So Far (Unreleased demo) 4:41
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