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Los Lobos - How Will The Wolf Survive?


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Artist - Los Lobos

Title - How Will The Wolf Survive?

Format - 180 Gram 

Vinyl Color - Black

Mastered By Chris Bellman

Produced by T Bone Burnett

Lable - Rhino

UPC -  603497860340


One of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, this critically acclaimed album features the singles "Don't Worry Baby" as well as the title track.

Los Lobos spent years playing parties, wedding receptions, restaurants, bars, and anyplace else where someone might pay them for a gig before landing a deal with Slash Records, and their first full-length album for the label, How Will the Wolf Survive?, is the work of a band that had learned how to play something for everyone while still maintaining their own musical personality in the process. How Will the Wolf Survive? swings back and forth from straight-ahead rock ("Don't Worry Baby") and potent R&B grooves ("I Got Loaded") to country-accented blues ballads ("A Matter of Time") and Mexican traditional numbers ("Serenata Nortena"), with the band's exemplary taste, musical smarts, and road-tested maturity in evidence on every cut. While rarely flashy, even a casual listen offers all the proof you might need that Los Lobos were a band of world-class musicians, with David Hidalgo's guitar work especially impressive throughout. Just as importantly, How Will the Wolf Survive? was the first album where Los Lobos showed how much they had to say as songwriters, especially on "A Matter of Time" and the title cut, two songs that offered a moving and compassionate look at the lives of illegal aliens in America. On ...And a Time to DanceLos Lobos showed the world that they were a great dance band, but How Will the Wolf Survive? showed they were a great dance band, and a lot more besides.  



A1 - Don't Worry Baby
A2 - A Matter of Time
A3 - Corrido #1
A4 - Our Last Night
A5 - The Breakdown
B1 - I Got Loaded
B2 -  Serenata Norteña
B3 -  Evangeline
B4 -  I Got To Let You Know
B5 -  Lil' King Of Everything
B6 -  Will The Wolf Survive?
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