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Grateful Dead - Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses)


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Artist – Grateful Dead

Title - Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses)

Format – 2 LP - 180-gram Vinyl

Label – Rhino Records

Mastered by Chris Bellman


The Grateful Dead earned the band’s first-ever gold record in 1971 with its self-titled live album. Known to many fans as “Skull & Roses” (a reference to the cover art by Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse) the original double-LP included songs recorded in March and April 1971 in New York and, the band’s hometown, San Francisco. Grateful Dead celebrates its 50th anniversary with a newly remastered audio from the original tapes. Originally released on October 24th, 1971, the album includes a collection of songs played at the Winterland Ballroom in March 1971 and New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom and Fillmore East in April 1971. Skull & Roses notably went on to be recognized as the Grateful Dead’s first gold-certified album. GRATEFUL DEAD (SKULL & ROSES) is available as a double-LP set ($44.98) that features the newly remastered version of the original album pressed on 180-gram black vinyl. 

Grateful Dead archivist and legacy manager David Lemieux shared, For the The Grateful Dead’s second live album, released two years after its predecessor LIVE/DEAD, the band delivered an equally magnificent, but entirely different, Grateful Dead sound. Whereas LIVE/DEAD was a perfect sonic encapsulation of the band at the peak of their Primal Dead era, SKULL & ROSES captures the quintessential quintet, the original five-piece band, playing some of their hardest hitting rock ‘n’ roll (‘Johnny B. Goode,’ ‘Not Fade Away’), showing off their authentic Bakersfield bona fides (‘Me & My Uncle,’ ‘Mama Tried,’ ‘Me & Bobby McGee’), and some originals that would be important parts of the Dead’s live repertoire for the next 24 years (‘Bertha,’ ‘Playing In The Band,’ ‘Wharf Rat’). Of course, the Dead were never defined by one specific ‘sound’ and amongst the styles the band brought to this album, they also delved deeply into their psychedelic, primal playbook with an entire side dedicated to their 1968 masterpiece ‘The Other One.’ This is one of the most deeply rich and satisfying tracks preserved on an official Grateful Dead album, up there with LIVE/DEAD’s ‘Dark Star’ and EUROPE ’72’s ‘Morning Dew.’ SKULL & ROSES sounds as fresh today as the first time I heard it in 1985, and as fresh as it was upon its spectacularly well-received released in 1971.



A1 – Bertha – 5:27

A2 – Mama Tried – 2:42

A3 – Big Railroad Blues – 3:34

A4 – Playing in the Band = 4:39

B1 – The Other One – 18:05

C1 – Me & My Uncle – 3:06

C2 – Big Boss Man – 5:12

C3 – Me and Bobby McGee – 5:43

C4 – Johnny B. Goode – 3:42

D1 – Wharf Rat – 8:31

D2 – Not Fade Away > Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad – 9:14

 David Lemieux – Seaside Chat: Skull & Roses Video


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