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Goose - Dripfield


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Artist - Goose

Title - Dripfield

Format - 2x 180 White Vinyl LPs - Gatefold with 12 Page Booklet

Label - No Coincedence


Forget Goose’s reputation as a jam band. The appeal of Dripfield is how it compresses the spirit of what we think of when we think of jam bands—the crunchy eclecticism, the optimism, the lightness—into a listenable album. Stylistically, they range: “Dripfield” sounds not unlike Coldplay, “Arrow” not unlike Fela Kuti, “Slow Ready” not unlike R&B, and “Moonrise” not unlike a campfire ballad.

And where they could overpeddle their rootsiness and down-home charm, they instead opt to sound like what it turns out they are: the rare modern-rock band who listens broadly and doesn’t let the pursuit of vibes get in the way of progress.


A1 Borne
A2 Hungersite
B1 Dripfield
B2 Slow Ready
B3 The Whales
C1 Arrow
C2 Hot Tea
C3 Moonrise
D1 Honeybee
D2 726