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Drive By Truckers - The Fine Print


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Artist -  Drive by Truckers

Title -  The Fine Print - A Collection of Oddities & Rarities 2003 - 2008

Label - New West Records

UPC - 607396544219



New West Records began releasing music in 1998 and one of the label's earliest successes came in the form of their partnership with the Drive By Truckers and the music that this historic band would create. With over one million records sold across the New West - DBT catalog it is safe to say that there is a solid and ever-growing fanbase for this culturally impactful band. New West is proud to celebrate over 15 years' worth of music and releases by FINALLY releasing the Drive-By Trucker back catalog on color vinyl.

The Fine Print is the first Drive-By Trucker studio album to include covers of other artists' original recordings; most notably "Rebels" by Tom Petty (WOW!), and Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan. The latter of these songs has each of its four verses sung in rotation by Hood, Tucker, Isbell, and Cooley.

Two of the songs on the album, "Uncle Frank" and "Goode's Field Road" are alternate takes of songs released on other Drive-By Truckers albums. "Uncle Frank" has only minor differences from the original as heard on Pizza Deliverence while "Goode's Field Road" is much harder and faster than the slower-paced track eventually recorded for Brighter Than Creation's Dark. The Fine Print version of "Goode's Field Road" almost made it onto The Dirty South, but at the last minute was switched for "Lookout Mountain".

As the album was recorded during Jason Isbell's tenure with the Drive-By Truckers, two of his songs as performed by the Drive-By Truckers were also included. 


A1 George Jones Talkin' Cell Phone Blues
A2 Rebels
B1 Uncle Frank (Alternate Version)
B2 Goode's Field Road (Alternate Version)
B3 The Great Car Dealer War
C1 Mama Bake A Pie (Daddy Kill A Chicken)
C2 When The Well Runs Dry
C3 Little Pony And The Great Big Horse
D1 Mrs. Claus' Kimono
D2 Play It All Night Long
D3 Like A Rolling Stone
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