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Buddy Guy & Junior Wells - Play the Blues


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Artist - Buddy Guy & Junior Wells 

Title - Play The Blues

Format – Vinyl

Label – Speakers Corner

Lacquer Cut by Kevin Gray


Buddy Guy and Junior Wells Play the Blues In 1970, two Chicago blues icons Buddy Guy and Junior Wells were sought out by a huge fan and recently dissolved Cream guitarist the legendary Eric Clapton to record a new album simply titled “Play The Blues.” This Speakers Corner LP was remastered using pure analogue components only, from the master tapes through to the cutting head.

The album begins with Buddy Guys’ classic “A Man Of Many Words” which shows a more funk blues rhythm groove, truly kicking off the album to a high note. Following the album up with a Junior Wells’ solid takes on Sonny Boy Williamson’s standard “My Baby She Left Me (She Left Me With A Mule To Ride)”, and then the two-part blues belter “Come On In This House/Have Mercy Baby” made this a definitive listen for both blues and rock fans alike.

More favorites abound with Buddy Guys’ fantastic lead guitar rendition of T-Bone Walker’s signature workout “T-Bone Shuffle”, Junior Wells’ revisit of his own classic “Messin’ With The Kid” featuring the great Dr. John on piano.  Perhaps the albums best track is Junior Wells on lead vocals covering Willie Mabon’s version of “I Don’t Know”.   Eric Clapton’s slide guitar on the stellar blues wailer “Bad Bad Whiskey” is also a stand-out.  With all this brilliance assembled for one album and the better part of 1970 ahead of the team, the “Play The Blues” would go on to become one of Buddy and Junior’s most underrated albums. 




A1 - A Many of Many Words – 4:00

A2 - My Baby Left Me (She Left Me A Mule To Ride) – 3:07

A3 - Come On In This House / Have Mercy Baby – 4:19

A4 - T-Bone Shuffle – 4:16

A5 - A Poor Man's Plea – 3:11

B1 - Messin' With The Kid – 2:11

B2 – This Old Fool – 4:43

B3 – I Don't Know -  4:26

B4 – Bad Bad Whiskey – 4:12

B5 -  Honeydripper – 3:29

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